Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Bjorli (012300) available!

Weather station in the area

Lesjaskog (SYNOP 012310)
Marstein (SYNOP 012320)
Mannen (SYNOP 012200)
Lesjaskog (SYNOP 012310)
Marstein (SYNOP 012320)
Brata-Slettom (SYNOP 013600)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Forli (METAR LIPK)
Weatherstation Forli (SYNOP 161470)
Weatherstation Bowral (SYNOP 947470)
Weatherstation Boulia (SYNOP 943330)
Weatherstation Botlih (SYNOP 373670)
Weatherstation Bor (METAR HSBR)
Weatherstation Bor (SYNOP 629103)
Weatherstation Bor (SYNOP 238840)
Weatherstation Bjornholt (SYNOP 014890)
Weatherstation Berlin (METAR KBML)
Weatherstation Berlin (METAR IATA_BML)
Weatherstation Berlik (SYNOP 353760)
Weatherstation Bajram-Ali (SYNOP 388950)
Weatherstation Tortoli (METAR LIET)
Weatherstation Morelia (SYNOP 766650)
Weatherstation Korliki (SYNOP 238620)
Weatherstation Hoernli (SYNOP 066890)
Weatherstation Gorlitz (METAR EDBX)
Weatherstation Borzomi (SYNOP 375150)
Weatherstation Bolivar (METAR SAZI)

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