Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Blasjo (014400) available!

Weather station in the area

Blasjo (SYNOP 014400)
Sauda (SYNOP 014240)
Blasjo (SYNOP 014400)
Roldalsfjellet (SYNOP 014290)
Midtlaeger (SYNOP 014330)
Haukeliseter Testfel (SYNOP 014350)
Sauda (SYNOP 014240)
Sirdal-Sinnes (SYNOP 014310)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Blaj (SYNOP 152090)
Weatherstation Balasore (SYNOP 428950)
Weatherstation Balashov (SYNOP 341520)
Weatherstation Nassjo (SYNOP 025550)
Weatherstation Bullas (METAR ES_7127X)
Weatherstation Brasov (SYNOP 153000)
Weatherstation Bosaso (METAR HCMF)
Weatherstation Bosaso (SYNOP 632100)
Weatherstation Blanes (METAR ES_0281Y)
Weatherstation Batsfjord (METAR ENBS)
Weatherstation Basoko (SYNOP 640180)
Weatherstation Balsas (SYNOP 827600)
Weatherstation Balkasino (SYNOP 289780)
Weatherstation Byglandsfjord (SYNOP 014420)
Weatherstation Blairstown (METAR K1N7)
Weatherstation Blairstown (METAR IATA_1N7)
Weatherstation Baltasound (SYNOP 030020)
Weatherstation Glasgow (METAR KGLW)
Weatherstation Glasgow (METAR KGGW)
Weatherstation Glasgow (METAR IATA_GLW)

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