Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Boita (152770) available!

Weather station in the area

Sibiu/Turnisor (METAR LRSB)
Paltinis Sibiu (SYNOP 152540)
Sibiu (SYNOP 152600)
Brezoi (SYNOP 152970)
Voineasa (SYNOP 153190)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Bitam (METAR FOOB)
Weatherstation Bitam (SYNOP 645100)
Weatherstation Zorita (METAR ES_4347X)
Weatherstation Boxian (SYNOP 581020)
Weatherstation Boulia (SYNOP 943330)
Weatherstation Bouira (SYNOP 604170)
Weatherstation Bitola (SYNOP 135830)
Weatherstation Baitag (SYNOP 442650)
Weatherstation Bonavista (METAR IATA_WVA)
Weatherstation Bonavista (METAR CWVA)
Weatherstation Bonavista (SYNOP 711960)
Weatherstation Boa-Vista (METAR SBBV)
Weatherstation Boa-Vista (SYNOP 820240)
Weatherstation Boa-Vista (SYNOP 820220)
Weatherstation Zanjan (METAR OITZ)
Weatherstation Toplita (SYNOP 151070)
Weatherstation Taubate (METAR SBTA)
Weatherstation Tarbela-Dam (METAR OPTA)
Weatherstation Tapak-Tuan-Teuku (METAR WITA)
Weatherstation Tabriz (METAR OITT)

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