Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Botrange (064950) available!

Weather station in the area

Elsenborn (METAR EBLB)
Spa/La Sauvenier (METAR EBSP)
Aachen/Merzbruck (METAR ETBA)
Oost Maarland (SYNOP 063790)
Spa/La Sauveniere (SYNOP 064900)
Elsenborn (SYNOP 064960)
Aachen (SYNOP 105010)
Aachen/Merzbrueck (SYNOP 105030)
Eifel (SYNOP 105040)
Aachen-Orsbach (SYNOP 105050)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Borlange (METAR ESSD)
Weatherstation Borlaenge (SYNOP 024350)
Weatherstation Kotar-Range (METAR RKNR)
Weatherstation Kotar-Range (SYNOP 471223)
Weatherstation Orange (METAR KORG)
Weatherstation Orange (METAR KORE)
Weatherstation Orange (METAR KOMH)
Weatherstation Orange (METAR IATA_ORG)
Weatherstation Orange (METAR IATA_ORE)
Weatherstation Orange (METAR IATA_OMH)
Weatherstation Orange (SYNOP 725085)
Weatherstation Borger (METAR KBGD)
Weatherstation Borger (METAR IATA_BGD)
Weatherstation Batang (SYNOP 562470)
Weatherstation Braunlage (SYNOP 104520)
Weatherstation Portage (SYNOP 727448)
Weatherstation Esrange (SYNOP 020430)
Weatherstation Bourges (METAR LFLD)
Weatherstation Bourges (SYNOP 072550)
Weatherstation Bage (SYNOP 839800)

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