Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Brezoi (152970) available!

Weather station in the area

Paltinis Sibiu (SYNOP 152540)
Boita (SYNOP 152770)
Cozia Pass (SYNOP 152980)
Voineasa (SYNOP 153190)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Borzomi (SYNOP 375150)
Weatherstation Berezovo (SYNOP 256560)
Weatherstation Berezovo (SYNOP 236310)
Weatherstation Berezino (SYNOP 268530)
Weatherstation Burgeo (METAR IATA_WBD)
Weatherstation Burgeo (METAR CWBF)
Weatherstation Burgeo (METAR CWBD)
Weatherstation Burgeo (SYNOP 711944)
Weatherstation Burgeo (SYNOP 711940)
Weatherstation Birzai (SYNOP 265310)
Weatherstation Bermeo (METAR ES_1057B)
Weatherstation Berezovka (SYNOP 290370)
Weatherstation Arezzo (METAR LIQB)
Weatherstation Arezzo (SYNOP 161720)
Weatherstation Bereznjaki (SYNOP 319940)
Weatherstation Bregenz (SYNOP 111010)
Weatherstation Bermejo (SYNOP 853940)
Weatherstation Barreto (SYNOP 836250)
Weatherstation Rome (METAR KREO)
Weatherstation Redlands (METAR KREI)

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