Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Brocken (104530) available!

Weather station in the area

Braunlage (SYNOP 104520)
Schierke (SYNOP 104550)
Wernigerode (SYNOP 104540)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Brocket (METAR CXBR)
Weatherstation Brocket (SYNOP 713410)
Weatherstation Brookhaven (METAR K1R7)
Weatherstation Brookhaven (METAR IATA_1R7)
Weatherstation Troickoe (METAR UHHO)
Weatherstation Troickoe (SYNOP 316550)
Weatherstation Rockglen (METAR IATA_WKO)
Weatherstation Rockglen (METAR CWKO)
Weatherstation Rockglen (SYNOP 711350)
Weatherstation Crockett (METAR KT56)
Weatherstation Crockett (METAR KDKR)
Weatherstation Crockett (METAR IATA_T56)
Weatherstation Crockett (METAR IATA_DKR)
Weatherstation Brookton (SYNOP 946250)
Weatherstation Broken-Hill (METAR YPBH)
Weatherstation Broken-Hill (SYNOP 946890)
Weatherstation Arcen (SYNOP 063910)
Weatherstation Breckenridge (METAR KBKD)
Weatherstation Breckenridge (METAR IATA_BKD)
Weatherstation Erbogacen (SYNOP 248170)

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