Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Buechel (ETSB) available!

Weather station in the area

Buechel (SYNOP 106130)
Nuerburg-Barweiler (SYNOP 105060)
Nuerburg (SYNOP 105100)
Hahn (SYNOP 106160)
Traben-Trarbach (SYNOP 106170)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Buechel (SYNOP 106130)
Weatherstation Bethel (METAR PABE)
Weatherstation Bethel (METAR IATA_BET)
Weatherstation Bechet (SYNOP 154940)
Weatherstation Muenchen (SYNOP 108650)
Weatherstation Lechfeld (METAR ETSL)
Weatherstation Lechfeld (SYNOP 108560)
Weatherstation Beach (METAR K20U)
Weatherstation Beach (METAR IATA_20U)
Weatherstation Neuchatel (METAR LSGN)
Weatherstation Neuchatel (SYNOP 066040)
Weatherstation Bluefield (METAR KBLF)
Weatherstation Bluefield (METAR IATA_BLF)
Weatherstation Nekhel (SYNOP 624520)
Weatherstation Busher (SYNOP 408570)
Weatherstation Burela (METAR ES_1347T)
Weatherstation Buochs (METAR LSZC)
Weatherstation Buochs (SYNOP 066580)
Weatherstation Buhera (SYNOP 678750)
Weatherstation Bethal (SYNOP 683700)

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