Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Carlisle (032200) available!

Weather station in the area

Carlisle (METAR EGNC)
Drumburgh (SYNOP 032090)
Carlisle (SYNOP 032220)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Carlisle (METAR EGNC)
Weatherstation Carlisle (SYNOP 032220)
Weatherstation New-Carlisle (METAR CWOC)
Weatherstation New-Carlisle1 (METAR IATA_WOC)
Weatherstation New-Carlisle1 (SYNOP 716190)
Weatherstation Carlsfeld (SYNOP 105740)
Weatherstation Clarksdale (METAR KCKM)
Weatherstation Clarksdale (METAR IATA_CKM)
Weatherstation Challis (METAR KU15)
Weatherstation Challis (METAR KLLJ)
Weatherstation Challis (METAR IATA_U15)
Weatherstation Challis (METAR IATA_LLJ)
Weatherstation Challis (SYNOP 727833)
Weatherstation Carroll (METAR KCIN)
Weatherstation Carroll (METAR IATA_CIN)
Weatherstation Carroll (SYNOP 725468)
Weatherstation Camrose (SYNOP 712540)
Weatherstation Barisal (SYNOP 419500)
Weatherstation Clarksville (METAR KLBR)
Weatherstation Clarksville (METAR KCKV)

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