Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Carlsbad (KCRQ) available!

Weather station in the area

Carlsbad/Palomar (SYNOP 722927)
Oceanside (SYNOP IATA_L32)
Romona (SYNOP IATA_L39)
Camp Pendleton (SYNOP IATA_NFG)
Oceanside/Red-B (SYNOP IATA_NXF)
Oceanside (SYNOP IATA_OKB)
Oceanside (METAR KL32)
Romona (METAR KL39)
Camp Pendleton (METAR KNFG)
Oceanside/Red-B (METAR KNXF)
Oceanside (METAR KOKB)
Solana Beach (SYNOP 722919)
Camp Pendleton Mcas (SYNOP 722926)
Oceanside Harbor (SYNOP 722929)
Oceanside Municipal (SYNOP 722934)
Fallbrook Community Airpark (METAR KL18)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Carlsbad (METAR KCNM)
Weatherstation Carlsbad (METAR IATA_CRQ)
Weatherstation Carlsbad (METAR IATA_CNM)
Weatherstation Carsamba (METAR LTFH)
Weatherstation Carlsfeld (SYNOP 105740)
Weatherstation Harstad (SYNOP 011800)
Weatherstation Cazorla (METAR ES_5038X)
Weatherstation Carlsbad-Palomar (SYNOP 722927)
Weatherstation Calanda (METAR ES_9569A)
Weatherstation Calabar (METAR DNCA)
Weatherstation Calabar (SYNOP 652640)
Weatherstation Cala (METAR ES_5769X)
Weatherstation Halmstad (METAR ESMT)
Weatherstation Halmstad (SYNOP 026040)
Weatherstation Gartland (SYNOP 012910)
Weatherstation Carskaja (SYNOP 363940)
Weatherstation Carsanga (SYNOP 389150)
Weatherstation Carolina (METAR FACL)
Weatherstation Carolina (SYNOP 827650)
Weatherstation Carolina (SYNOP 683800)

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