Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Carlsfeld (105740) available!

Weather station in the area

Aue (SYNOP 105750)
Gera-Leumnitz (SYNOP 105670)
Plauen (SYNOP 105690)
Aue (SYNOP 105750)
Chemnitz (SYNOP 105770)
Fichtelberg (SYNOP 105780)
Karlovy Vary (SYNOP IATA_KLV)
Karlovy Vary (METAR LKKV)
Karlovy Vary (SYNOP 114140)
Cheb (SYNOP 114060)
Marianske Lazne (SYNOP 114180)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Marshfield (METAR KMFI)
Weatherstation Marshfield (METAR KGHG)
Weatherstation Marshfield (METAR K3B2)
Weatherstation Marshfield (METAR IATA_MFI)
Weatherstation Marshfield (METAR IATA_GHG)
Weatherstation Marshfield (METAR IATA_3B2)
Weatherstation Clearfield (METAR KN97)
Weatherstation Clearfield (METAR KFIG)
Weatherstation Clearfield (METAR IATA_N97)
Weatherstation Clearfield (METAR IATA_FIG)
Weatherstation Carswell (METAR KAWN)
Weatherstation Carswell (METAR IATA_AWN)
Weatherstation Carlsbad (METAR KCRQ)
Weatherstation Carlsbad (METAR KCNM)
Weatherstation Carlsbad (METAR IATA_CRQ)
Weatherstation Carlsbad (METAR IATA_CNM)
Weatherstation Carlisle (METAR EGNC)
Weatherstation Carlisle (SYNOP 032220)
Weatherstation Carlisle (SYNOP 032200)
Weatherstation Bakersfield (METAR KEHF)

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