Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Carsamba (LTFH) available!

Weather station in the area

Samsun City (SYNOP 170300)
Samsun Airport (METAR LTAQ)
Samsun Airport (SYNOP 170290)
Samsun City (SYNOP 170300)
Samsun Airport (METAR LTAQ)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Masamba (SYNOP 971260)
Weatherstation Carskaja (SYNOP 363940)
Weatherstation Carsanga (SYNOP 389150)
Weatherstation Carnamah (SYNOP 944150)
Weatherstation Carlsbad (METAR KCRQ)
Weatherstation Carlsbad (METAR KCNM)
Weatherstation Carlsbad (METAR IATA_CRQ)
Weatherstation Carlsbad (METAR IATA_CNM)
Weatherstation Maraba (METAR SBMA)
Weatherstation Maraba (SYNOP 825620)
Weatherstation Kasama (METAR FLKS)
Weatherstation Kasama (SYNOP 674750)
Weatherstation Cuamba (METAR FQCB)
Weatherstation Cuamba (SYNOP 672310)
Weatherstation Marambaia (SYNOP 836600)
Weatherstation Carsamba-Samsun (SYNOP 170310)
Weatherstation Karamay (SYNOP 512430)
Weatherstation Karabau (SYNOP 355140)
Weatherstation Corumba (SYNOP 835540)
Weatherstation Charana (METAR SLCN)

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