Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Casement (039670) available!

Weather station in the area

Casement (METAR EIME)
Dublin Airport (METAR EIDW)
Dublin Airport (SYNOP 039690)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Casement (METAR EIME)
Weatherstation Carmen (METAR KCRM)
Weatherstation Carmen (METAR IATA_CRM)
Weatherstation Cameta (SYNOP 822630)
Weatherstation Camden (METAR KCDH)
Weatherstation Camden (METAR IATA_CDH)
Weatherstation Camdenton (METAR KH21)
Weatherstation Camdenton (METAR IATA_H21)
Weatherstation Manta-Eloy-Alfar (METAR SEMT)
Weatherstation Cimkent (METAR UAII)
Weatherstation Cemerno (SYNOP 133560)
Weatherstation Caumont (METAR LFMV)
Weatherstation Cameron (METAR KT35)
Weatherstation Cameron (METAR IATA_T35)
Weatherstation Castlepoint (SYNOP 934980)
Weatherstation Castlepoint (SYNOP 934970)
Weatherstation Castlemaine (SYNOP 958530)
Weatherstation Cape-Bengut (SYNOP 603820)
Weatherstation Clermont (SYNOP 943590)
Weatherstation Chemnitz (SYNOP 105770)

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