Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Ceahlau (150890) available!

Weather station in the area

Ceahlau Toaca (SYNOP 151080)
Rarau/Monastery (SYNOP 150520)
Ceahlau Toaca (SYNOP 151080)
Radaseni (SYNOP 150550)
Tirgu Neamt (SYNOP 150730)
Piatra Neamt (SYNOP 151090)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Cala (METAR ES_5769X)
Weatherstation Ceahlau-Toaca (SYNOP 151080)
Weatherstation Zalau (SYNOP 150630)
Weatherstation Chaun (SYNOP 251510)
Weatherstation Calka (SYNOP 375370)
Weatherstation Bahla (SYNOP 412630)
Weatherstation Cheadanup (SYNOP 956440)
Weatherstation Centralia (METAR KENL)
Weatherstation Centralia (METAR IATA_ENL)
Weatherstation Calatayud (METAR ES_9394X)
Weatherstation Seyaha (SYNOP 209670)
Weatherstation Nelaug (SYNOP 014590)
Weatherstation Dehauz (SYNOP 387250)
Weatherstation Dakhla (SYNOP 624320)
Weatherstation Dahanu (SYNOP 430010)
Weatherstation Dachau (SYNOP 108940)
Weatherstation Chemal (SYNOP 360580)
Weatherstation Cerlak (SYNOP 287990)
Weatherstation Cedara (SYNOP 685800)
Weatherstation Caslav (METAR LKCV)

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