Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Cherni (156130) available!

Weather station in the area

Sofia/Observatory (SYNOP 156140)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Chernyy (SYNOP 221440)
Weatherstation Chenies (SYNOP 036740)
Weatherstation Chernivtsi (SYNOP 336580)
Weatherstation Kheri (SYNOP 422700)
Weatherstation Cherskij (SYNOP 251230)
Weatherstation Cherdyn' (SYNOP 239140)
Weatherstation Chemnitz (SYNOP 105770)
Weatherstation Charnali (SYNOP 374980)
Weatherstation Cernigov (SYNOP 331350)
Weatherstation Shendi (METAR HSND)
Weatherstation Shendi (SYNOP 627000)
Weatherstation Cheraw (METAR KCQW)
Weatherstation Cheraw (METAR IATA_CQW)
Weatherstation Cervia (METAR LIPC)
Weatherstation Cervia (SYNOP 161480)
Weatherstation Cernyj (SYNOP 345780)
Weatherstation Cen-Xi (SYNOP 594530)
Weatherstation Cameri (METAR LIMN)
Weatherstation Cameri (SYNOP 160640)
Weatherstation Cageri (SYNOP 372980)

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