Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Chiriac (154750) available!

Weather station in the area

Rousse/Ruse (METAR LBRS)
Videle (SYNOP 154550)
Giurgiu (SYNOP 154910)
Rousse/Ruse (SYNOP 155350)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Shiriya (SYNOP 475770)
Weatherstation Chitral (METAR OPCH)
Weatherstation Chitral (SYNOP 415060)
Weatherstation Chitipa (METAR FWCT)
Weatherstation Chitipa (SYNOP 674210)
Weatherstation Chirpan (SYNOP 156350)
Weatherstation Coria (METAR ES_3526X)
Weatherstation Churapca (SYNOP 247680)
Weatherstation Choir (SYNOP 442980)
Weatherstation Chita (SYNOP 307580)
Weatherstation Chipiona (METAR ES_5906X)
Weatherstation Chichiri (SYNOP 676870)
Weatherstation Chiba (SYNOP 476820)
Weatherstation Chiatura (SYNOP 374040)
Weatherstation Chara (SYNOP 303720)
Weatherstation Chisimaio (SYNOP 632700)
Weatherstation Chacarita (SYNOP 787613)
Weatherstation Shiraz (METAR OISS)
Weatherstation Shiraz (SYNOP 408480)
Weatherstation Shirak (METAR UGEL)

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