Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Churanov (114570) available!

Weather station in the area

Churanov (SYNOP 114570)
Grosser Arber (SYNOP 107910)
Zwiesel (SYNOP 107960)
Churanov (SYNOP 114570)
Kocelovice (SYNOP 114870)
Grosser Arber (SYNOP 107910)
Passau (SYNOP 108930)
Fuerstenzell (SYNOP 108950)
Rohrbach (SYNOP 110080)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Hurbanovo (SYNOP 118580)
Weatherstation Furmanovo (SYNOP 380990)
Weatherstation Furmanovo (SYNOP 343980)
Weatherstation Culpanovo (SYNOP 287040)
Weatherstation Durazno (SYNOP 865300)
Weatherstation Durango (METAR KDRO)
Weatherstation Durango (METAR K4V5)
Weatherstation Durango (METAR IATA_DRO)
Weatherstation Durango (METAR IATA_4V5)
Weatherstation Durango (SYNOP 724626)
Weatherstation Craiova (METAR LRCV)
Weatherstation Craiova (SYNOP 154500)
Weatherstation Chirpan (SYNOP 156350)
Weatherstation Chernovsty (METAR UKLN)
Weatherstation Charana (METAR SLCN)
Weatherstation Charana (SYNOP 852300)
Weatherstation Christianso (SYNOP 061910)
Weatherstation Kuragino (SYNOP 298700)
Weatherstation Kirsanov (SYNOP 279570)
Weatherstation Cochrane (METAR SCHR)

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