Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Cimpina (153490) available!

Weather station in the area

Sinaia (SYNOP 153250)
Ploiesti (SYNOP 153770)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Ciampino (METAR LIRA)
Weatherstation Ciampino (SYNOP 162390)
Weatherstation Chipiona (METAR ES_5906X)
Weatherstation Campinas (SYNOP 837290)
Weatherstation Cimpeni (SYNOP 151620)
Weatherstation Llimiana (METAR ES_9707)
Weatherstation Chipinge (METAR FVCH)
Weatherstation Chipinge (SYNOP 679830)
Weatherstation Chieming (SYNOP 109820)
Weatherstation Champion (METAR KCHM)
Weatherstation Champion (METAR IATA_CHM)
Weatherstation Champion (METAR CXCP)
Weatherstation Champion (SYNOP 712170)
Weatherstation Oriximina (METAR SBTB)
Weatherstation Cimpulung (SYNOP 153240)
Weatherstation Zilina (METAR LZZI)
Weatherstation Zilina (METAR IATA_ILZ)
Weatherstation Siping (SYNOP 541570)
Weatherstation Rimini (METAR LIPR)
Weatherstation Rimini (SYNOP 161490)

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