Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Craiova (154500) available!

Weather station in the area

Craiova (METAR LRCV)
Craiova (SYNOP 154500)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Craiova (METAR LRCV)
Weatherstation Caia (SYNOP 672800)
Weatherstation Cordova (METAR PACV)
Weatherstation Cordova (METAR IATA_CDV)
Weatherstation Praia (SYNOP 085890)
Weatherstation Craig (METAR KCAG)
Weatherstation Craig (METAR IATA_CAG)
Weatherstation Craig (SYNOP 744210)
Weatherstation Churanov (SYNOP 114570)
Weatherstation Cernigov (SYNOP 331350)
Weatherstation Cairo (METAR KCIR)
Weatherstation Cairo (METAR IATA_CIR)
Weatherstation Craig-Moffat (SYNOP 725700)
Weatherstation Sannikova (SYNOP 215350)
Weatherstation Rajilovak (METAR KQUA)
Weatherstation Malinovka (SYNOP 315830)
Weatherstation Danilovka (SYNOP 342670)
Weatherstation Crail-Bay (SYNOP 935700)
Weatherstation Centralia (METAR KENL)
Weatherstation Centralia (METAR IATA_ENL)

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