Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Creil (070570) available!

Weather station in the area

Creil (SYNOP 070573)
Paris/Le Bourget (METAR LFPB)
Charles De Gaull (METAR LFPG)
Paris/Le Bourget (SYNOP 071500)
Charles De Gaulle (SYNOP 071570)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Creil (METAR LFPC)
Weatherstation Creil (SYNOP 070573)
Weatherstation Rigaud (METAR CMRI)
Weatherstation Rifle (METAR KRIL)
Weatherstation Rich-Lake (METAR CXRL)
Weatherstation Reliance (METAR KREL)
Weatherstation Redlands (METAR KREI)
Weatherstation Red-Lake-Airport (METAR CYRL)
Weatherstation Pudahuel-Arturo (METAR SCEL)
Weatherstation Orel (SYNOP 279060)
Weatherstation North-Myrtle-Bea (METAR KCRE)
Weatherstation Melita (METAR CWEI)
Weatherstation Mattala-Rajapaksa-International-Airport (METAR VCRI)
Weatherstation Ilmajoki (METAR EFIL)
Weatherstation Hat-Island (METAR CWIL)
Weatherstation Entrance-Island (METAR CWEL)
Weatherstation Elora-Rcs (METAR CZEL)
Weatherstation Elliot-Lake (METAR CYEL)
Weatherstation Donegal-Airport (METAR EIDL)
Weatherstation Curvelo (SYNOP 835360)

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