Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Datong (534870) available!

Weather station in the area

Datong (SYNOP 534870)
Datong (SYNOP 534870)
Datong (SYNOP 534870)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Dayton (METAR KMGY)
Weatherstation Dayton (METAR KDAY)
Weatherstation Dayton (METAR IATA_MGY)
Weatherstation Dayton (METAR IATA_DAY)
Weatherstation Dayong (METAR ZGDY)
Weatherstation Dalton (METAR KDNN)
Weatherstation Dalton (METAR IATA_DNN)
Weatherstation Tlemcen-Zenata (METAR DAON)
Weatherstation In-Guezzam (METAR DATG)
Weatherstation Watonga (METAR KJWG)
Weatherstation Watonga (METAR IATA_JWG)
Weatherstation Nantong (METAR ZSNT)
Weatherstation Dandong (SYNOP 544970)
Weatherstation Daltonganj (SYNOP 425870)
Weatherstation Raton (METAR KRTN)
Weatherstation Raton (METAR IATA_RTN)
Weatherstation Zhaotong (SYNOP 565860)
Weatherstation Thaton (SYNOP 480980)
Weatherstation Ranong (METAR VTSR)
Weatherstation Ranong (SYNOP 485320)

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