Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Dawadmi (404350) available!

Weather station in the area

Dawadmi (SYNOP 404350)
Dawadmi (SYNOP 404350)
Dawadmi (SYNOP 404350)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Dawadmi (METAR OEDW)
Weatherstation Al-Dawadmi (METAR OEDM)
Weatherstation Toli-Toli-Lalos (METAR WAMI)
Weatherstation Bou-Saada (METAR DAAD)
Weatherstation Iwami (METAR RJOW)
Weatherstation Iwami (SYNOP 477830)
Weatherstation Dawei (METAR VBTV)
Weatherstation Dawei (SYNOP 481080)
Weatherstation Dalbandin (SYNOP 417120)
Weatherstation Da-Qaidam (SYNOP 527130)
Weatherstation Maradi (METAR DRRM)
Weatherstation Maradi (SYNOP 610800)
Weatherstation Darwin (METAR YPDN)
Weatherstation Darwin (METAR APDN)
Weatherstation Darwin (METAR ADDN)
Weatherstation Darwin (SYNOP 941200)
Weatherstation Darwaz (METAR OADZ)
Weatherstation Darwaz (SYNOP 409000)
Weatherstation Dammam (SYNOP 404190)
Weatherstation Dagali (METAR ENDI)

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