Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Demjansk (263810) available!

Weather station in the area

Demjansk (SYNOP 263810)
Demjansk (SYNOP 263810)
Demjansk (SYNOP 263810)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Dem'Janskoe (SYNOP 280760)
Weatherstation Verhojansk (SYNOP 242660)
Weatherstation Tsimljansk (SYNOP 346460)
Weatherstation Storkmarknes-Ska (METAR ENSK)
Weatherstation Remanso (SYNOP 829790)
Weatherstation Diemals (SYNOP 944470)
Weatherstation Celjabinsk (SYNOP 286420)
Weatherstation Brjansk (METAR UUBP)
Weatherstation Brjansk (SYNOP 268980)
Weatherstation Snejanka (SYNOP 157250)
Weatherstation Murmansk (METAR ULMM)
Weatherstation Murmansk (SYNOP 221130)
Weatherstation Kupjansk (SYNOP 343190)
Weatherstation Cemdalsk (SYNOP 300140)
Weatherstation Lensk (SYNOP 249230)
Weatherstation Kansk (SYNOP 295810)
Weatherstation Jansk (SYNOP 241660)
Weatherstation Daman (SYNOP 429160)
Weatherstation Spas-Demensk (SYNOP 267950)
Weatherstation Neftejugansk (SYNOP 238480)

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