Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Dongsha (597920) available!

Weather station in the area

Dongsha/Pratas (METAR RCLM)
Dongsha/Pratas (SYNOP 468100)
Pratas Island (SYNOP 468110)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Dongshi (METAR RCNO)
Weatherstation Dongshi (SYNOP 467300)
Weatherstation Dongsheng (SYNOP 535430)
Weatherstation Tonghua (SYNOP 543630)
Weatherstation Konosha (SYNOP 229510)
Weatherstation Dongtai (SYNOP 582510)
Weatherstation Dinghai (SYNOP 584770)
Weatherstation Yongshujiao (SYNOP 599950)
Weatherstation Yingshan (SYNOP 584020)
Weatherstation Tangshan (SYNOP 545340)
Weatherstation Songkhla (METAR VTSH)
Weatherstation Songkhla (SYNOP 485680)
Weatherstation Monghsat (METAR VBMS)
Weatherstation Monghsat (SYNOP 480700)
Weatherstation Mengshan (SYNOP 590580)
Weatherstation Kongsoya (SYNOP 010160)
Weatherstation Kangshan (SYNOP 467450)
Weatherstation Drosh (SYNOP 415150)
Weatherstation Donskaja (SYNOP 347230)
Weatherstation Dongsha-Pratas (METAR RCLM)

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