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No data for Synop station Dragasani (153950) available!

Weather station in the area

Dragasani (SYNOP 153950)
Tirgu Logresti (SYNOP 153690)
Dragasani (SYNOP 153950)
Rimnicu Vilcea (SYNOP 153460)
Dedulesti (SYNOP 153450)
Craiova (METAR LRCV)
Tirgu Logresti (SYNOP 153690)
Craiova (SYNOP 154500)
Caracal (SYNOP 154690)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Nagasaki (METAR RJFU)
Weatherstation Nagasaki (SYNOP 478550)
Weatherstation Nagasaki (SYNOP 478170)
Weatherstation Dragoman (SYNOP 156050)
Weatherstation Dalatangi (SYNOP 041970)
Weatherstation Dalatangi (SYNOP 040970)
Weatherstation Dagali (METAR ENDI)
Weatherstation Bagani (METAR FYBG)
Weatherstation Magadan (SYNOP 259130)
Weatherstation Kajaani (METAR EFKI)
Weatherstation Draugen (METAR ENDR)
Weatherstation Dalaman (METAR LTBS)
Weatherstation Dalaman (SYNOP 172950)
Weatherstation Aragats (SYNOP 377740)
Weatherstation Tinogasta (METAR SANI)
Weatherstation Sunyani (METAR DGSN)
Weatherstation Setif-Ain-Arnat (METAR DAAS)
Weatherstation San (METAR GASN)
Weatherstation Saltpond (METAR DGAS)
Weatherstation Kumasi (METAR DGSI)

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