Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Drogden (061830) available!

Weather station in the area

Copenhagen/Kastr (METAR EKCH)
Falsterbo (SYNOP 026160)
Copenhagen/Kastrup (SYNOP 061800)
Copenhagen/Jaegers (SYNOP 061810)
Copenhagen/Landboho (SYNOP 061860)
Falsterbo (SYNOP 026150)
Malmo (SYNOP 026350)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Dryden (METAR K6R6)
Weatherstation Dryden (METAR IATA_6R6)
Weatherstation Dryden (METAR CXDR)
Weatherstation Kadena (METAR RODN)
Weatherstation Iejima-Aux (METAR RODE)
Weatherstation Draugen (METAR ENDR)
Weatherstation Ogden (METAR KOGD)
Weatherstation Ogden (METAR IATA_OGD)
Weatherstation Dongducheon (SYNOP 470980)
Weatherstation Erbogacen (SYNOP 248170)
Weatherstation Dongsheng (SYNOP 535430)
Weatherstation Virgen (SYNOP 112520)
Weatherstation Urgenc (SYNOP 383960)
Weatherstation Tongde (SYNOP 529570)
Weatherstation Morden (METAR IATA_XMD)
Weatherstation Morden (METAR CXMD)
Weatherstation Morden (SYNOP 715640)
Weatherstation Holden (METAR CXHD)
Weatherstation Holden (SYNOP 712270)
Weatherstation Grodno (METAR UMMG)

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