Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Dunkeswell-Airport (038400) available!

Weather station in the area

Temp For 03840 (SYNOP 038410)
Uk Met Exeter (METAR EGRR)
Exeter Airport (METAR EGTE)
Uk Met Exeter (SYNOP 037630)
Exeter Airport (SYNOP 038390)

Similar station names

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Weatherstation Quesnel-Airport (METAR CYQZ)
Weatherstation Quesnel-Airport (SYNOP 711030)
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Weatherstation Dunedin-Airport (SYNOP 938900)
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Weatherstation Fukue-Airport (METAR RJFE)
Weatherstation Fukue-Airport (SYNOP 478440)
Weatherstation Dunedin--Airport (SYNOP 938910)
Weatherstation Teslin-Airport (METAR IATA_YZW)
Weatherstation Teslin-Airport (METAR CYZW)
Weatherstation Teslin-Airport (SYNOP 710450)
Weatherstation Phuket-Airport (SYNOP 485650)
Weatherstation Parkes-Airport (SYNOP 957170)
Weatherstation Onslow-Airport (SYNOP 953050)
Weatherstation Mudgee-Airport (METAR YMDG)
Weatherstation Mudgee-Airport (SYNOP 947270)
Weatherstation Lutsel-Ke-Airport (METAR IATA_YLK)

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