Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Elec (279280) available!

Weather station in the area

Elec (SYNOP 279280)
Elec (SYNOP 279280)
Elec (SYNOP 279280)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Valencia (METAR LEVC)
Weatherstation San-Javier (METAR LELC)
Weatherstation Madri-Colmenar (METAR LECV)
Weatherstation London-City-Airp (METAR EGLC)
Weatherstation Lelystad (METAR EHLE)
Weatherstation Leigh-Creek-Airport (METAR YLEC)
Weatherstation La-Coruna-Alvedr (METAR LECO)
Weatherstation Huesca-Pirineos (METAR LEHC)
Weatherstation Essen (METAR EDLE)
Weatherstation Cape-Carbonara (METAR LIEC)
Weatherstation Campbeltown (METAR EGEC)
Weatherstation Calamocha (METAR LECH)
Weatherstation Emeck (SYNOP 226560)
Weatherstation El (SYNOP 257000)
Weatherstation Edleb (SYNOP 400170)
Weatherstation Eagle (METAR PAEG)
Weatherstation Eagle (METAR IATA_EAA)
Weatherstation Eagle (SYNOP 895780)
Weatherstation Olonec (SYNOP 229120)
Weatherstation Englee (METAR IATA_WDA)

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