Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Evanger (013150) available!

Weather station in the area

Bulken (SYNOP 013360)
Voss/Bomoen (METAR ENBM)
Modalen Ii (SYNOP 013250)
Kvamskogen (SYNOP 013280)
Kvamsoy (SYNOP 013290)
Vossevangen (SYNOP 013370)
Modalen III (SYNOP 013260)
Kvamskogen-Jonshogdi (SYNOP 013270)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Jangier (SYNOP 385890)
Weatherstation Esrange (SYNOP 020430)
Weatherstation Enguera (METAR ES_8290X)
Weatherstation Erlangen (SYNOP 106875)
Weatherstation Engozero (SYNOP 224130)
Weatherstation Eagle (METAR PAEG)
Weatherstation Eagle (METAR IATA_EAA)
Weatherstation Eagle (SYNOP 895780)
Weatherstation Avangard (SYNOP 289080)
Weatherstation Engelberg (SYNOP 066550)
Weatherstation Wagner (METAR KAGZ)
Weatherstation Wagner (METAR IATA_AGZ)
Weatherstation Orange (METAR KORG)
Weatherstation Orange (METAR KORE)
Weatherstation Orange (METAR KOMH)
Weatherstation Orange (METAR IATA_ORG)
Weatherstation Orange (METAR IATA_ORE)
Weatherstation Orange (METAR IATA_OMH)
Weatherstation Orange (SYNOP 725085)
Weatherstation Langen (SYNOP 106390)

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