Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Fagaras (152350) available!

Weather station in the area

Homorod (SYNOP 152120)
Dumbraveni (SYNOP 151890)
Odorheiu (SYNOP 151680)
Homorod (SYNOP 152120)
Rucar (SYNOP 152990)
Fundata (SYNOP 153010)
VF.Omu (SYNOP 152800)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Aragarcas (SYNOP 833680)
Weatherstation Graaff-Reinet (METAR FAGR)
Weatherstation Niagara (SYNOP 725288)
Weatherstation Magaria (SYNOP 610910)
Weatherstation Langara (METAR IATA_WLA)
Weatherstation Langara (METAR IATA_WJU)
Weatherstation Langara (METAR CWLA)
Weatherstation Langara (METAR CWJU)
Weatherstation Langara (SYNOP 719030)
Weatherstation Langara (SYNOP 718990)
Weatherstation Dangara (SYNOP 388470)
Weatherstation Sagar (SYNOP 426710)
Weatherstation Port-Aransas (METAR IATA_RAS)
Weatherstation Fraga (METAR ES_9924X)
Weatherstation Farah (METAR OAFR)
Weatherstation Farah (SYNOP 409740)
Weatherstation Fagernes (SYNOP 013670)
Weatherstation Faa'a (SYNOP 919380)
Weatherstation Calarasi (SYNOP 154600)
Weatherstation Fianarantsoa (METAR FMSF)

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