Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Fagernes (013670) available!

Weather station in the area

Fagernes/Leirin (METAR ENFG)
Fagernes-Leirin Airport (SYNOP 013680)
Abjorsbraten (SYNOP 013690)
Beitostolen II (SYNOP 013650)
Loken I Volbu (SYNOP 013710)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Figueres (METAR ES_0429X)
Weatherstation Sagres (SYNOP 085380)
Weatherstation Sagres (SYNOP 085330)
Weatherstation Fagernes-Leirin (METAR ENFG)
Weatherstation Payerne (METAR LSMP)
Weatherstation Payerne (SYNOP 066100)
Weatherstation Nelspruit (METAR FANS)
Weatherstation Langres (SYNOP 072830)
Weatherstation Laegern (SYNOP 066690)
Weatherstation Graaff-Reinet (METAR FAGR)
Weatherstation Gough-Island (METAR FAGE)
Weatherstation Fornaes (SYNOP 060710)
Weatherstation Flagler (METAR KFLA)
Weatherstation Fagaras (SYNOP 152350)
Weatherstation Eshowe (METAR FAES)
Weatherstation Ellisras (METAR FAER)
Weatherstation Caceres (SYNOP 834050)
Weatherstation Caceres (SYNOP 082610)
Weatherstation Varennes (METAR IATA_WHM)
Weatherstation Varennes (METAR CWHM)

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