Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Falsterbo (026160) available!

Weather station in the area

Falsterbo (SYNOP 026150)
Copenhagen/Kastr (METAR EKCH)
Copenhagen/Kastrup (SYNOP 061800)
Drogden (SYNOP 061830)
Copenhagen/Landboho (SYNOP 061860)
Malmo (SYNOP 026350)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Falsterbo (SYNOP 026150)
Weatherstation Walterboro (METAR KRBW)
Weatherstation Walterboro (METAR IATA_RBW)
Weatherstation Sasebo (SYNOP 478120)
Weatherstation Mcalester (METAR KMLC)
Weatherstation Mcalester (METAR IATA_MLC)
Weatherstation Fraser (METAR K4FC)
Weatherstation Fraser (METAR IATA_4FC)
Weatherstation Fister (SYNOP 014230)
Weatherstation Fastov (SYNOP 333390)
Weatherstation Castro (SYNOP 838130)
Weatherstation Casterton (SYNOP 948250)
Weatherstation Fraserburg (METAR FAFR)
Weatherstation Fraserburg (SYNOP 686240)
Weatherstation Zastron (METAR FAZA)
Weatherstation Zastron (SYNOP 689393)
Weatherstation Viterbo (METAR LIRV)
Weatherstation Viterbo (SYNOP 162160)
Weatherstation Flagler (METAR KFLA)
Weatherstation Usak (METAR LTBO)

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