Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Figari (LFKF) available!

Weather station in the area

Figari (SYNOP 077800)
Pertusato (SYNOP 077700)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Figari (SYNOP 077800)
Weatherstation Tingri (SYNOP 556640)
Weatherstation Kigali (METAR HRYR)
Weatherstation Kigali (SYNOP 643870)
Weatherstation Fingal (SYNOP 959740)
Weatherstation Xingtai (SYNOP 537980)
Weatherstation Xinghai (SYNOP 529430)
Weatherstation Siguiri (METAR GUSI)
Weatherstation Siguiri (SYNOP 618110)
Weatherstation Raigarh (SYNOP 428840)
Weatherstation Niagara (SYNOP 725288)
Weatherstation Magaria (SYNOP 610910)
Weatherstation Gagarin (SYNOP 275070)
Weatherstation Fagaras (SYNOP 152350)
Weatherstation Dinghai (SYNOP 584770)
Weatherstation Aligarh (METAR VIAH)
Weatherstation Aligarh (SYNOP 422620)
Weatherstation Vredendal (METAR FAVR)
Weatherstation Tambo-International (METAR FAOR)
Weatherstation Seychelles-Intl (METAR FSIA)

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