Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Fortun (013570) available!

Weather station in the area

Hemsedal II (SYNOP 013580)
Filefjell (SYNOP 013640)
Hemsedal II (SYNOP 013580)
Beitostolen II (SYNOP 013650)
Loken I Volbu (SYNOP 013710)
Geilo-Oldebraten (SYNOP 013590)
Dagali Airport (SYNOP 013630)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Fortuna (METAR KFOT)
Weatherstation Fortuna (METAR IATA_FOT)
Weatherstation Fort-Yukon (METAR PFYU)
Weatherstation Fort-Yukon (METAR PAFY)
Weatherstation Fort-Yukon (METAR IATA_FYU)
Weatherstation Fort-Yukon (SYNOP 701940)
Weatherstation Torun (SYNOP 122500)
Weatherstation Forua (METAR ES_1056K)
Weatherstation Poptun (METAR MGPP)
Weatherstation Poptun (SYNOP 786250)
Weatherstation Norton (METAR KNRN)
Weatherstation Norton (METAR IATA_NRN)
Weatherstation Frunze (METAR UAFF)
Weatherstation Frunze (SYNOP 383530)
Weatherstation Port-Sudan (METAR HSSP)
Weatherstation Port-Sudan (SYNOP 626410)
Weatherstation Port-Huron (METAR KPHN)
Weatherstation Port-Huron (METAR IATA_PHN)
Weatherstation Port-Huron (SYNOP 726376)
Weatherstation Fort-Wayne (METAR KFWA)

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