Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Fundata (153010) available!

Weather station in the area

Rucar (SYNOP 152990)
VF.Omu (SYNOP 152800)
Cimpulung (SYNOP 153240)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Aralsk (METAR UATA)
Weatherstation Abakan (METAR UNAA)
Weatherstation Gudauta (SYNOP 371870)
Weatherstation Yunta (SYNOP 946840)
Weatherstation Kundiawa (SYNOP 940110)
Weatherstation Kunda (SYNOP 260450)
Weatherstation Kudat (METAR WBKT)
Weatherstation Kudat (SYNOP 964770)
Weatherstation Fundulea (SYNOP 154240)
Weatherstation Funafuti (SYNOP 916440)
Weatherstation Fulda (SYNOP 105360)
Weatherstation Suntar (SYNOP 247380)
Weatherstation Nurata (SYNOP 385650)
Weatherstation Mindat (SYNOP 480450)
Weatherstation Juanda (METAR WARR)
Weatherstation Furnas (METAR SBFU)
Weatherstation Furnas (SYNOP 836343)
Weatherstation Frutal (SYNOP 835740)
Weatherstation Dundas (METAR BGDU)
Weatherstation Dundas (SYNOP 042003)

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