Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Gallivare (020490) available!

Weather station in the area

Gallivare (METAR ESNG)
Gallivare (SYNOP 020490)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Gallivare (METAR ESNG)
Weatherstation Galle (SYNOP 434950)
Weatherstation Galar (METAR ES_9263D)
Weatherstation Galliano (METAR KL49)
Weatherstation Galliano (METAR KGAO)
Weatherstation Galliano (METAR IATA_L49)
Weatherstation Galliano (METAR IATA_GAO)
Weatherstation Glenlivet (SYNOP 030700)
Weatherstation Ballia (SYNOP 424840)
Weatherstation Helligvaer (SYNOP 011440)
Weatherstation Wallace (METAR KACZ)
Weatherstation Wallace (METAR IATA_ACZ)
Weatherstation Gwalior (METAR VIGR)
Weatherstation Gwalior (SYNOP 423610)
Weatherstation Guanare (METAR SVGU)
Weatherstation Guanare (SYNOP 804280)
Weatherstation Bolivar (METAR SAZI)
Weatherstation Bolivar (SYNOP 876390)
Weatherstation Rolle-Pass (METAR LIVR)
Weatherstation Resia-Pass (METAR LIVE)

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