Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Galveston (722420) available!

Weather station in the area

Galveston (SYNOP IATA_GLS)
Galveston (METAR KGLS)
Houston/Dickinsn (METAR IATA_HGX)
High Is. 179A (METAR IATA_XIH)
Houston/Dickinsn (METAR KHGX)
High Is. 179A (METAR KXIH)
Galveston (SYNOP 722425)
Hustn/Glvstn (SYNOP 722428)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Galveston (METAR KGLS)
Weatherstation Galveston (METAR IATA_GLS)
Weatherstation Galveston (SYNOP 722425)
Weatherstation Palmerston (SYNOP 959720)
Weatherstation Charleston (METAR KCRW)
Weatherstation Charleston (METAR KCHS)
Weatherstation Charleston (METAR IATA_CRW)
Weatherstation Charleston (METAR IATA_CHS)
Weatherstation Charleston (SYNOP 724145)
Weatherstation Galveston424-Oil (METAR KGVX)
Weatherstation Galveston424-Oil (METAR IATA_GVX)
Weatherstation Laverton (METAR AMLV)
Weatherstation Laverton (SYNOP 944490)
Weatherstation Gastonia (METAR KAKH)
Weatherstation Gastonia (METAR IATA_AKH)
Weatherstation Gagetown (METAR IATA_YCX)
Weatherstation Gagetown (METAR CYCX)
Weatherstation Gagetown (SYNOP 717010)
Weatherstation Staverton (METAR EGBJ)
Weatherstation Staverton (SYNOP 036333)

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