Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Gauhati (VEGT) available!

Weather station in the area

Guwahati/Borjhar (SYNOP 424100)
Gauhati (METAR VEGT)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Galati (SYNOP 153100)
Weatherstation Ghat (METAR HLGT)
Weatherstation Ghat (SYNOP 622120)
Weatherstation Rauti (SYNOP 152670)
Weatherstation Gushi (SYNOP 582080)
Weatherstation Golaghat (SYNOP 424200)
Weatherstation Garrucha (METAR ES_6340X)
Weatherstation Gaoua (METAR DFOG)
Weatherstation Gaoua (SYNOP 655220)
Weatherstation Gallatin (METAR KM33)
Weatherstation Gallatin (METAR IATA_M33)
Weatherstation Shahat (SYNOP 620560)
Weatherstation Qalhat (SYNOP 412670)
Weatherstation Maanti (SYNOP 442940)
Weatherstation Guriat (METAR OEGT)
Weatherstation Guriat (SYNOP 403600)
Weatherstation Ghazni (METAR OAGN)
Weatherstation Ghazni (METAR KQRY)
Weatherstation Ghazni (SYNOP 409680)
Weatherstation Ghanzi (METAR FBGZ)

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