Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Glarus (066850) available!

Weather station in the area

Weesen (SYNOP 066840)
Tavanasa (SYNOP 067810)
Disentis (SYNOP 067820)
Donaueschingen (SYNOP 107381)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Galar (METAR ES_9263D)
Weatherstation Guarulhos (METAR SBGR)
Weatherstation Guarulhos (SYNOP 837753)
Weatherstation Garoua (METAR FKKR)
Weatherstation Garoua (SYNOP 648600)
Weatherstation Garanhuns (SYNOP 828930)
Weatherstation Gar (SYNOP 313840)
Weatherstation Gomel-Balarus (METAR UMGG)
Weatherstation Varkaus (METAR EFVR)
Weatherstation Varkaus (SYNOP 029474)
Weatherstation Tartous (SYNOP 400500)
Weatherstation Gulmarg (SYNOP 420260)
Weatherstation Glasgow (METAR KGLW)
Weatherstation Glasgow (METAR KGGW)
Weatherstation Glasgow (METAR IATA_GLW)
Weatherstation Glasgow (METAR IATA_GGW)
Weatherstation Garissa (METAR HKGA)
Weatherstation Garissa (SYNOP 637230)
Weatherstation Zonguldak (METAR LTAS)
Weatherstation Tessalit (METAR GATS)

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