Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Goesgen (066260) available!

Weather station in the area

Buchs-Aarau (SYNOP 066330)
Langenbruck (SYNOP 066420)
Wynau (SYNOP 066430)
Ruenenberg (SYNOP 066450)
Benzau (SYNOP 066460)
Laufenburg (SYNOP 066490)
Beromunster (SYNOP 066530)
Brugg-Wildegg (SYNOP 066540)
Leibstadt (SYNOP 066660)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Goshen (METAR KGSH)
Weatherstation Goshen (METAR IATA_GSH)
Weatherstation Gizan (METAR OEGN)
Weatherstation Encarnacion (METAR SGEN)
Weatherstation Giessen (METAR EDIA)
Weatherstation Giessen (SYNOP 105330)
Weatherstation Goettingen (SYNOP 104440)
Weatherstation Goeppingen (SYNOP 108354)
Weatherstation Roseglen (METAR KP24)
Weatherstation Roseglen (METAR IATA_P24)
Weatherstation Roseglen (SYNOP 727650)
Weatherstation Geser (SYNOP 977480)
Weatherstation Goetsenhoven (METAR EBTN)
Weatherstation Goetsenhoven (SYNOP 064630)
Weatherstation Gravesend (SYNOP 037860)
Weatherstation Weesen (SYNOP 066840)
Weatherstation Joseni (SYNOP 151270)
Weatherstation Gorgan (METAR OING)
Weatherstation Gorgan (SYNOP 407380)
Weatherstation Gemena (METAR FZFK)

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