Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Grazzanise (162530) available!

Weather station in the area

Grazzanise (METAR LIRM)
Capodicino Nemod (METAR EQYN)
Capodicino Nemod (METAR KQNN)
Naples/Capodichi (METAR LIRN)
Naples/Capodichino (SYNOP 162890)
Napoli (SYNOP 162894)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Grazzanise (METAR LIRM)
Weatherstation Gradiste (SYNOP 143820)
Weatherstation Grazalema (METAR ES_5911A)
Weatherstation Grandview (METAR KGVW)
Weatherstation Grandview (METAR IATA_GVW)
Weatherstation Gaziantep (METAR LTAJ)
Weatherstation Gaziantep (SYNOP 172600)
Weatherstation Gardabani (SYNOP 376320)
Weatherstation Grjazi (SYNOP 309480)
Weatherstation Grants (METAR KGNT)
Weatherstation Grants (METAR IATA_GNT)
Weatherstation Ghazza (SYNOP 623380)
Weatherstation Ghazni (METAR OAGN)
Weatherstation Ghazni (METAR KQRY)
Weatherstation Ghazni (SYNOP 409680)
Weatherstation Urandangie (SYNOP 943290)
Weatherstation Gurdzhaani (SYNOP 375660)
Weatherstation Grasslands (SYNOP 678770)
Weatherstation Grand-Isle (METAR KLEV)
Weatherstation Grand-Isle (METAR KAXO)

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