Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Grivita (154050) available!

Weather station in the area

Faurei/=694514 Kqyb (SYNOP 153550)
Boboc (SYNOP 153330)
Buzau (SYNOP 153500)
Faurei/=694514 Kqyb (SYNOP 153550)
Boboc (SYNOP 153330)
Viziru (SYNOP 153560)
Dilga (SYNOP 154230)
Dor Marunt (SYNOP 154430)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Oravita (SYNOP 153380)
Weatherstation Gaviotas (METAR MCGV)
Weatherstation Gaviotas (SYNOP 802410)
Weatherstation Prievidza (METAR LZPE)
Weatherstation Prievidza (SYNOP 118670)
Weatherstation Mariquita (METAR SKQU)
Weatherstation Mariquita (SYNOP 801543)
Weatherstation Briviesca (METAR ES_9031C)
Weatherstation Zorita (METAR ES_4347X)
Weatherstation Vivian (METAR KVIV)
Weatherstation Vivian (METAR IATA_VIV)
Weatherstation Olivia (METAR KOVL)
Weatherstation Olivia (METAR IATA_OVL)
Weatherstation Guriat (METAR OEGT)
Weatherstation Guriat (SYNOP 403600)
Weatherstation Guiria (METAR SVGI)
Weatherstation Guiria (SYNOP 804230)
Weatherstation Gretna (METAR IATA_WGN)
Weatherstation Gretna (METAR CWGN)
Weatherstation Gretna (SYNOP 714410)

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