Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Guidonia (162340) available!

Weather station in the area

Guidonia (METAR LIRG)
Ciampino (METAR LIRA)
Ciampino (SYNOP 162390)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Guidonia (METAR LIRG)
Weatherstation Gubiniha (SYNOP 344070)
Weatherstation Guiria (METAR SVGI)
Weatherstation Guiria (SYNOP 804230)
Weatherstation Guinan (SYNOP 529550)
Weatherstation Gondia (SYNOP 428710)
Weatherstation Girona (METAR ES_0370E)
Weatherstation Gdynia (SYNOP 121450)
Weatherstation Kindia (METAR GUID)
Weatherstation Guna (SYNOP 425590)
Weatherstation Gourdon (SYNOP 075350)
Weatherstation Goiania (SYNOP 834230)
Weatherstation Gunnison (METAR KHBU)
Weatherstation Gunnison (METAR KGUC)
Weatherstation Gunnison (METAR IATA_HBU)
Weatherstation Gunnison (METAR IATA_GUC)
Weatherstation Gunnison (SYNOP 724686)
Weatherstation Gastonia (METAR KAKH)
Weatherstation Gastonia (METAR IATA_AKH)
Weatherstation Ionia (METAR KY70)

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