Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Gurahont (151820) available!

Weather station in the area

Varadia De Mures (SYNOP 152040)
Steiu (SYNOP 151400)
Doctor Petru Groza (SYNOP 151600)
Steiu (SYNOP 151400)
Brad (SYNOP 152060)
Varadia De Mures (SYNOP 152040)
Deva (SYNOP 152300)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Gurgaon (SYNOP 421780)
Weatherstation Grant (SYNOP 719195)
Weatherstation Guriat (METAR OEGT)
Weatherstation Guriat (SYNOP 403600)
Weatherstation Grants (METAR KGNT)
Weatherstation Grants (METAR IATA_GNT)
Weatherstation Durant (METAR KDUA)
Weatherstation Durant (METAR IATA_DUA)
Weatherstation Gurbanesti (SYNOP 154340)
Weatherstation Guarany (METAR SGES)
Weatherstation Grafton (METAR KGAF)
Weatherstation Grafton (METAR IATA_GAF)
Weatherstation Grafton (SYNOP 945710)
Weatherstation Gourdon (SYNOP 075350)
Weatherstation Grahamstown (METAR FAGT)
Weatherstation Grahamstown (SYNOP 688339)
Weatherstation Marathon (METAR KMTH)
Weatherstation Marathon (METAR IATA_MTH)
Weatherstation Marathon (METAR CYSP)
Weatherstation Marathon (SYNOP 747986)

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