Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Haeju (470690) available!

Weather station in the area

Yeonpyeungdo (METAR RKSQ)
Yeonpyeungdo (SYNOP 471034)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Jimma (METAR HAJM)
Weatherstation Jijiga (METAR HAJJ)
Weatherstation Hequ (SYNOP 535640)
Weatherstation Hannibal (METAR KHAE)
Weatherstation Buena-Vista (METAR KAEJ)
Weatherstation Hateruma (METAR RORH)
Weatherstation Hateruma (SYNOP 479186)
Weatherstation Hamheung (SYNOP 470410)
Weatherstation Taegu (METAR RKTN)
Weatherstation Taegu (SYNOP 471420)
Weatherstation Mesju (SYNOP 236080)
Weatherstation Huade (SYNOP 533910)
Weatherstation Hezuo (SYNOP 560800)
Weatherstation Hazen (METAR KHZE)
Weatherstation Hazen (METAR IATA_HZE)
Weatherstation Havre (METAR KHVR)
Weatherstation Havre (METAR IATA_HVR)
Weatherstation Havre (SYNOP 727770)
Weatherstation Harku (SYNOP 260380)
Weatherstation Hanau (METAR ETID)

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