Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Haifa (LLHA) available!

Weather station in the area

Haifa (SYNOP 401550)
Ramat-David (SYNOP 401650)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Haifa (SYNOP 401550)
Weatherstation Halfa (METAR HSSW)
Weatherstation Haima (METAR OOHA)
Weatherstation Haima (SYNOP 412943)
Weatherstation Tarifa (METAR ES_6001)
Weatherstation Tarifa (SYNOP 084580)
Weatherstation Hailar (SYNOP 505270)
Weatherstation Three-Rivers (METAR KHAI)
Weatherstation Taif (METAR OETF)
Weatherstation Taif (SYNOP 410360)
Weatherstation Iowa-Falls-Muni (METAR KIFA)
Weatherstation Humaita (SYNOP 827270)
Weatherstation Hualian (SYNOP 593620)
Weatherstation Huaihua (SYNOP 577490)
Weatherstation Huadian (SYNOP 542730)
Weatherstation Hill-Afb-Ogden (METAR KHIF)
Weatherstation Hana (METAR PHHN)
Weatherstation Hana (METAR IATA_HNM)
Weatherstation Hami (METAR ZWHM)
Weatherstation Hami (SYNOP 522030)

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