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No data for Synop station Haiyang (548630) available!

Weather station in the area

Haiyang (SYNOP 548630)
Haiyang (SYNOP 548630)
Haiyang (SYNOP 548630)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Laiyang (SYNOP 548520)
Weatherstation Liyang (SYNOP 583450)
Weatherstation Neghelli (METAR HANG)
Weatherstation Agordat (METAR HAAG)
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Weatherstation Xinyang (SYNOP 572970)
Weatherstation Taiyuan (SYNOP 537720)
Weatherstation Nanyang (SYNOP 571780)
Weatherstation Hualian (SYNOP 593620)
Weatherstation Huaiyin (SYNOP 581410)
Weatherstation Huadian (SYNOP 542730)
Weatherstation Hatanga (SYNOP 208910)
Weatherstation Guiyang (METAR ZUGY)
Weatherstation Guiyang (SYNOP 578160)
Weatherstation Bamiyan (METAR OABN)
Weatherstation Bamiyan (SYNOP 409450)
Weatherstation Huajialing (SYNOP 529960)
Weatherstation Xianyang (METAR ZLXY)
Weatherstation Shaoyang (SYNOP 577660)
Weatherstation Riyan (METAR OYAR)

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