Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Holmon (022870) available!

Weather station in the area

Holmogadd (SYNOP 022880)
Holmogadd (SYNOP 022880)
Holmogadd (SYNOP 022880)
Mustasaari Valassaar (SYNOP 029100)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Hon (METAR HLON)
Weatherstation Holm (SYNOP 263780)
Weatherstation Houlton (METAR KHUL)
Weatherstation Houlton (METAR IATA_HUL)
Weatherstation Holod (SYNOP 151170)
Weatherstation Colon (METAR MUCO)
Weatherstation Colon (METAR MPEJ)
Weatherstation Colon (SYNOP 787940)
Weatherstation Colon (SYNOP 783320)
Weatherstation Toulon (SYNOP 076600)
Weatherstation Salmon (METAR K27U)
Weatherstation Salmon (METAR IATA_27U)
Weatherstation Salmon (SYNOP 726866)
Weatherstation Romona (METAR KL39)
Weatherstation Romona (METAR IATA_L39)
Weatherstation Omolon (SYNOP 254280)
Weatherstation Hooran (SYNOP 062440)
Weatherstation Hoonah (METAR PAOH)
Weatherstation Hoonah (METAR IATA_HNH)
Weatherstation Hon (METAR HLON)

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