Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Holod (151170) available!

Weather station in the area

Oradea (SYNOP 150800)
Steiu (SYNOP 151400)
Doctor Petru Groza (SYNOP 151600)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Holmon (SYNOP 022870)
Weatherstation Holden (METAR CXHD)
Weatherstation Holden (SYNOP 712270)
Weatherstation Holmogadd (SYNOP 022880)
Weatherstation Hollywood (METAR KHWO)
Weatherstation Hollywood (METAR IATA_HWO)
Weatherstation Vologda (METAR ULWW)
Weatherstation Vologda (SYNOP 270370)
Weatherstation Sirte (METAR HLGD)
Weatherstation Oradea (METAR LROD)
Weatherstation Olympic-Dam-Airport (METAR YOLD)
Weatherstation Old-Town-Dewitt (METAR KOLD)
Weatherstation Moanda (METAR FOOD)
Weatherstation Lodwar (METAR HKLO)
Weatherstation Kolo (SYNOP 123450)
Weatherstation Houlton (METAR KHUL)
Weatherstation Houlton (METAR IATA_HUL)
Weatherstation Hon (METAR HLON)
Weatherstation Homorod (SYNOP 152120)
Weatherstation Holyoke (METAR KHYK)

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