Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Joseni (151270) available!

Weather station in the area

Toplita (SYNOP 151070)
Toplita (SYNOP 151070)
Toplita (SYNOP 151070)
Miercurea Ciuc (SYNOP 151700)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Jenoi (SYNOP 617070)
Weatherstation Joseph (METAR K7LI)
Weatherstation Joseph (METAR IATA_7LI)
Weatherstation Jos (METAR DNJO)
Weatherstation Jos (SYNOP 651340)
Weatherstation Goshen (METAR KGSH)
Weatherstation Goshen (METAR IATA_GSH)
Weatherstation Boysen (METAR KBOY)
Weatherstation Boysen (METAR IATA_BOY)
Weatherstation Rauseni (SYNOP 150410)
Weatherstation Kosseir (SYNOP 624650)
Weatherstation Johnson (METAR K2K3)
Weatherstation Johnson (METAR IATA_2K3)
Weatherstation Joensuu (METAR EFJO)
Weatherstation Hopsten (METAR ETNP)
Weatherstation Hopsten (SYNOP 103140)
Weatherstation Hoernli (SYNOP 066890)
Weatherstation Goesgen (SYNOP 066260)
Weatherstation Gisenyi (METAR HRYG)
Weatherstation Gisenyi (SYNOP 643810)

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