Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Kajaani (EFKI) available!

Weather station in the area

Kajaani Airport (SYNOP 028970)
Kajaani Petaisennisk (SYNOP 028830)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Kajgan (SYNOP 320130)
Weatherstation Kajaki (METAR OAKJ)
Weatherstation Kajaki (SYNOP 409763)
Weatherstation Lincoln (METAR KAAA)
Weatherstation Jackson (METAR KJAN)
Weatherstation Najahan (SYNOP 258210)
Weatherstation Kalakan (SYNOP 304690)
Weatherstation Kazan (METAR UWKD)
Weatherstation Kanin (SYNOP 221650)
Weatherstation Kandi (METAR DBBK)
Weatherstation Kandi (SYNOP 653060)
Weatherstation Kamarang (METAR SYKM)
Weatherstation Kamarang (SYNOP 810050)
Weatherstation Kalijati (METAR WIIK)
Weatherstation Kalijati (SYNOP 967730)
Weatherstation Kafan (SYNOP 379590)
Weatherstation Cajan (SYNOP 382070)
Weatherstation Aniak (METAR IATA_ANI)
Weatherstation Majavatn-Iii (SYNOP 011340)
Weatherstation Kajaani-Airport (SYNOP 028970)

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